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Pay As Your Go Service

Marchants Family Work Pay As You go Service is designed to lower the costs of sorting out your family matter or dispute, providing you only with essential specialist legal support when you really need it.

Drastic cuts in government spending means that only a few of you now qualify for Legal Aid and therefore most hard working families need a budget to work to.

This service is completely different to our representation service, which is our traditional service, involving us representing you and charging you for every piece of work and action taken on your case, including dealing with letters, telephone calls, E-mails, the Court and other third parties.

On Pay As You Go, you do all this work yourself, and simply come in and see us when you need our specialist expert help.

Reasons why you should choose Pay As You Go

How Pay As You Go works

What we suggest you do

What we will do

In addition you need to

The Money

We have nothing to hide about our charges – so here they are.

Our Charges

We charge for our time. You pay for the amount you use, no more no less. Our hourly rate is £250 (partner level) plus VAT which we believe is a competitive rate and is lower than some larger and city centre based firms and is lower than the rate recognised by the court, in relation to the level of expertise that is available to you.


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